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Our History

Maisonneuve Press began publishing in 1988 as a division of the Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies, a non-profit organization committed to progressive social change through cultural analysis and education.

The Institute recognizes that knowledge, values, identities, and institutions are constructions arising under historical, personal, economic, and social conditions. This process is culture. By promoting empirical work and the theoretical reconstruction of discourse within traditional academic disciplines, the Institute seeks to advance revisions of knowledge and re-evaluations of values that will lead to a world in which the dignity of every human being matters most. The critique of cultural production links political renewal with the current re-definition of academic disciplines. The Institute seeks to bring the traditional university based scholar to the forefront of political activism and likewise bring the agenda of practical political activism to the university curriculum and research.

The Institute actively sponsors research and disseminates the findings of scholar/activists in critical cultural studies, intellectual history, environmental studies, and politics. Inquiries and proposals are invited. Please send a request for our guidelines on manuscript submission. We also maintain a mailing list and periodically send notices and catalogs. Send us your name and address if you’d like to be on our mailing list.

Please do not send us unsolicited manuscripts. Send us a query by email first (editors@maisonneuvepress.com) and we will respond to you immediately about whether we can proceed with your manuscript.

Please send requests for review copies or instructor's desk copies to the orders email address.

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It's easy. We don't have a web store, so you just need to copy a list of the books you want and send us an email. We accept checks, Visa or MasterCard, and we will bill bookstores and other institutions if the order comes with a purchase order number. Go here for an order form.

New Books !


Glenn Hurowitz, Fear and Courage in Democratic Party

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  • ISBN-10: 0944624480

  • ISBN-13: 978-0944624487

  • 274 pp. / $14.95

    Coming just in time for election season, Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party chronicles the extraordinary stories of five politicians and activists: three "progressive heroes" who exhibited rare political courage - and through it found unexpected political success, and two "spineless weasels" who embraced The Politics of Fear and rode it to ultimate failure.

    The book reveals how Senator Paul Wellstone used his courage to overcome a quirky personality, an occasionally hysterical style and, most of all, an ideology considerably to the left of his constituents, eventually becoming a national hero.

    It tells the dramatic story of how the same foundations and corporations that engineered the right-wing takeover of the Republican Party used junk political science to move Democrats to the right as well. Hurowitz shows how the legacy of Bill Clinton, widely proclaimed his generation's greatest political talent, will actually burden the Democratic Party and the progressive movement for decades to come.

    A work of astounding insight, Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party promises to transform political discourse in 2008.

    • Find out why "issues don't matter," why "politicians should only pander to people who care" and discover what exactly the "wimp love myth" is.

    • Read why the legacy of Bill Clinton, proclaimed his generation's greatest political talent, will actually burden the Democratic Party and the progressive movement

    • Learn how progressive heroes like Senator Paul Wellstone and organizations like MoveOn.org can teach you to transform your community, your country, and the world.

    "Glenn is a brilliant emerging mind in the progressive movement." - Matt Stoller, OpenLeft.com

    "Compelling and persuasive." - Paul Hogarth, Beyond Chron

    "Brilliant!" - Howie Klein


    Fear and Courage is distributed by Midpoint Trade Books. For orders, please contact --


    Erin C. Smith
    Sales Assistant, Midpoint Trade Books

    27 West 20th Street
    Suite 1102
    New York, NY  10011



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    Victor Considerant, Principles of Socialism: Manifesto of 19th Century Democracy

                                Click here to go to the details page

    Trans. Joan Roelofs

    ISBN-13 978-0-944624-47-0

    ISBN-10 0-944624-47-2

    120 pages // $14.95


    Victor Considerant was a leading disciple of Charles Fourier, a utopian socialist in early 19th France. Considerant disseminated and moderated Fourier's theories and attempted to found a democratic-socialist community near Dallas, Texas. The Principles of Socialism was first published in 1843 as an introduction to Considerant's new journal, Peaceful Democracy. For the first time, this important book on the struggle to create democratic societies in the mid-19th century is available in English. Go the details page to see what reviewers and scholars are saying about this important book.


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